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Student Affairs Office

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About the office

About the office

The Student Affairs Office is concerned with the studies of our on-campus enrollment; we also provide our students with assistance regarding food, clothes, housing, transportation, entertainment, safety, and health. Under the direction of the office director, we have established 6 subordinate units: Student Assistance Division, Extracurricular Activities Division, Military Education and Student Safety Division, Health Promotion Center, Student Counseling Center, and Division of Student Affairs at Tian-Mu Campus. We hope to serve our students from multiple aspects, ensure the mental and physical health of our on-campus students, and provide adequate assistance and guidance where needed.

Organization and Duty

1. Student Assistance Division: Responsible for student rewards and punishment, anti-drug education, transportation safety, moral and legal education, off-campus housing guidance and management, military matters, emergency and accident injury assistance
2. Extracurricular Activities Division: Responsible for guiding student clubs and student-run organizations, running the university club fair, handling educational loans, miscellaneous fee exemption, and scholarships and grants
3. Military Education and Student Safety Division: Responsible for matters related to the campus dormitory and cafeteria management, foreign student guidance, tutoring services, part-time employment, campus celebratory events, national defense education, and the campus safety center
4. Health Promotion Center: Responsible for providing campus health services, maintaining a healthy environment, and ensuring the health of our teaching and administrative staff
5. Student Counseling Center: Responsible for providing individual and group counseling, class guidance and discussion, psychological testing, and dealing with affairs related to the Star Movie House
6. Division of Student Affairs at Tian-Mu Campus: Responsible for Tianmu campus student employment, tutoring services, handling educational loans, miscellaneous fee exemption, subsidies for disadvantaged students, and scholarships and grants.